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we will always be shining

amy. 智世. 22. stupid, crazy, shy, awkward. 大嵐ファン。二宮和也、 DARREN CRISS, TOM FELTON❤ 
why couldn't it have been 'follow the butterflies'?

this journal has been f-locked as i wouldn't want the whole world to see my entries. but i am always open to new friends and i add just about anyone who comments on my friends only post. i don't bite! C:

i am over 18
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aiba falling into holes, aiba juice, arashi, british invasion, chris colfer's ass, door banging by maru, dramione, fangirling on stairs, feltbeats, hamburger hands, hotaru no hikari, hyd, japanese boys speaking engrish, kevin mchale's fashion sense, klaine is endgame, klainebow, ky retards, liam being sensible, louis is superman, matsujuice, mimutaro pair, mini aiba!, nail polish, niall's piercing blue eyes, nino being a bitch, rainbow jeans, sakumoto, sho's awesome facial expressions, sho's hot english, slytherclaw, t-tun, tom felton, w-inds., wand erection, what's a hufflepuff?, zayn's blond streaks, 嵐は私のソールソールです